Vermont Most Godless State in the Union

The results of the American Religious Identification Survey of 2008 are in, and it seems that Vermont is the most godless state in the union. 34 percent of Vermont residents answering the survey reported having no religion.

Some people will assume that’s a bad thing, but if you look at the facts, it seems that Vermont’s godlessness serves it well. Vermont residents are among the most educated in all the USA. Vermont crime rates are among the lowest in the nation. Vermonters also feel more trust in their neighbors than people in other state. Whereas the level of stated trust of other people in the nation as a whole has declined to just 34 percent, the level of trust in other people among people living in Vermont is at 71 percent.

Maybe the rest of the nation ought to try going godless, as Vermont has done.

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One Response to Vermont Most Godless State in the Union

  1. ryan says:

    its no surprise that being without god, isnt a bad concept. Look at the scandanavian nations. They have the highset standards of living worldwide, and you bet they embrace secularism. Vermont is a great state and people still have the freedom of religion, not the right to make religious doctrine social law. Thats all. People can worship all they want, in a church! The number of godless is sure to increase, cause you can count on religious right acting so wrong in regards to this news. Its called progression

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