We Need Economic Justice for Florida Farm Workers

One penny per pound is all that they wanted.  The migrant farm workers who pick tomatoes in Florida are making the same amount of money per pound of tomatoes picked as they made in 1980.  That’s an injustice, given that the value of the dollar has descended dramatically since then.  Workers who pick tomatoes are paid just 56 dollars for picking two tons of tomatoes.

Imagine how you would feel after being paid just 56 dollars for picking and carrying two tons of tomatoes.  Then imagine how you would feel if the tomato growers you worked for refused to pay you just one penny more per pound of tomatoes.  The growers could have passed that cost on.  The average American can afford to pay a penny more per tomato.  Yet, the growers refused to budge.

People who work picking crops like tomatoes deserve better pay for the work that they do to feed us.  America needs a farm bill that’s designed to help agricultural workers like them, but no such law will be signed into law until we get a progressive in the White House.   Those workers also won’t get justice until corporate bullies like Burger King stop helping the tomato growers keep the farm workers down.  Burger King has refused, just like the tomato growers, to pay just one more penny per pound of tomatoes. Teach Burger King the consequences of such decisions.  Boycott Burger King.  (Source: St. Petersburg Times, November 25, 2007)

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