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The Progressive State of Vermont

Vermont is more than just the home of Howard Dean, one-time presidential candidate and perennial American Don Quixote. In fact, Vermont is much more progressive, and much more solid in its progressive traditions, than Governor Dean ever has been. If you want to learn about grassroots democracy in action, Vermont is the best place in the world to go.

To understand Vermont, think Bernie Sanders, not Howard Dean.

The people of Vermont are struggling, just like everyone else, to find a balance between love of the land and love of the people who inhabit the land. Vermont is a great place to live, and so threatens to be burst open by newcomers from New York City and suburban New England. Even WalMart is threatening to set up shop in Vermont, though the locals are fighting the sweatshop giant tooth and nail.

Given the amount of progressive activity going on in Vermont, there's no way that we can find all of the state's progressive organizations all on our own. New groups are being created all the time, and some old ones fall by the wayside. So, if you know of any progressive candidates, information resources or organizations in Vermont that we don't have listed here, let us know so we can consider including them in our growing index of local progressives.

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Progressive Organizations in Vermont

Vermont Democratic Party

Vermont Progressive Party

The Peace and Justice Center of Vermont

Atrium Society

Vermont Livable Wage Campaign

Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund

Anti-Racist Action of Vermont

Instant Action Antiwar Group

Vermont Freedom to Marry Task Force

ACLU of Vermont

New England Grassroots Environmental Fund

Vermont Land Trust

Vermont Youth Conservation Corps

Vermont Public Interest Research Group

Vermont Natural Resources Council

Lake Champlain Land Trust

Vermonters for a Clean Environment

The Sierra Club's Vermont Chapter

Mainstream News Sources

Vermont Public Radio

Vermont Public Television

The Stowe Reporter

The Battleboro Reformer

The Barre Montpelier Times Argus

Bennington Banner

Rutland Herald

Progressive Sources of News and Information from Vermont
WGDR Community Radio

Seven Days Vermont

Dohiyi Mir

Pas Au-Dela

Northern Woodlands

Toward Freedom


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