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The Progressive State of Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is the home of the Liberty Bell, but it's got a crack running through it deep and wide. They call Pennsylvania a swing state, and there are plenty of good progressives doing waging peaceful protests throughout the state. The cities and the green hills of Pennsylvania are filled with political action these days, especially in the wake of the 2004 elections that brought a new kind of American nationalism to the federal government. As we come now into the presidential election of 2008, we see plainly that Pennsylvanians are not the kind of people to be pushed around, and that's why they're so active in defending their freedoms.

We created this page of Pennsylvania progressive resources in order to lend a helping hand to the state's liberal organizations and individuals. Even in a state as active as Pennsylvania, we can't find all the progressive groups on our own. We're looking for help in expanding out listings, so, if you know of any progressive candidates, information resources or organizations in Pennsylvania that we don't have listed here, let us know so that we can consider including them in our growing index.

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Progressive Organizations in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Democratic Party

Green Party of Pennsylvania

Socialist Party of Pennsylvania

Communist Party of East Pennsylvania and Delaware

Action PA

ACLU of Pennsylvania

Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia

Brandywine Peace Community

Bread and Roses

The Objector

Clean Air Council

Pro-Choice Pennsylvania


Pennsylvania Abolitionists United Against the Death Penalty

Pennsylvania Lesbian and Gay Task Force

Center for Gay and Lesbian Civil Rights

Student Environmental Action Coalition

Fund for Public Interest Research

Earth Rights Institute

The Peace Center

Pennsylvania Atheists

Freethought Society of Greater Philadelphia

Humanist Community Services of Northeastern Pennsylvania

Humanist Association of Greater Philadelphia

Philadelphia Association of Critical Thinking

Mainstream News Sources

The Philadelphia Independent

WYBE Public Television

The Sentinel

The Gettysburgh Times

The Patriot Times

Pittsburgh City Paper

Philadelphia Inquirer

Wilkes Barre Times Leader

Progressive Sources of News and Information from Pennsylvania

Philadelphia Indymedia

Philly Spy

Pittsburgh Indymedia

Pennsylvania Gay News

Fables of the Reconstruction


This Can't Be Happening


2 Political Junkies

Pesky Apostrophe


It's My Country Too


Keystone Politics

Lehigh Valley Political Blog

Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents

Lou's List

Young Philly Politics

Messages for a Progressive Pennsylvania

The Irregular State of Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Progressive Shirts Made in the USA

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Pennsylvania for Obama bumper sticker

Pennsylvania for Obama bumper sticker

Pennsylvania Anti Bush Bumper Sticker

Pennsylvania Anti Bush Bumper Sticker

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Pennsylvania for Clinton bumper sticker

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Pennsylvania Progressive bumper sticker

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Vote Obama for Pennsylvania Lawn Sign

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Pennsylvania Liberal bumper sticker

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