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Progressive Resources for New Hampshire

Speak of New Hampshire, and most Americans will think immediately of two things: 1) The earliest genuine primary of the presidential election season, and 2) Rock. New Hampshire is the Granite State, which some might interpret as a sign of inflexibility, but we choose to see as a symbol of the foundational role New Hampshire has played in the expansion of democracy in the history of the United States of America.

New Hampshire's official motto is: Live Free or Die. Ever since I visited New Hampshire as a child and bought a t-shirt with this slogan, I wondered whether this statement was intended as a promise or as a threat. This basic disagreement runs throughout New Hampshire politics, so that times the state has been a reactionary hideout, electing ridiculous politicians like Kelly Ayotte. On the contrary, New Hampshire Republican operatives have been up to all kinds of dirty tricks over the last few years, including efforts to jam the phone lines used by progressives on Election Day.

Even as reactionary forces gain strength on the national scene, New Hampshire is the home to many good people willing to keep up the struggle for liberty, fairness, and a more decent future for America. Of course, in a state as politically active as New Hampshire, we can't hope to find all the progressive groups that exist in the state on our own. We have found a good core of liberal organizations to place on this directory, but we'd like to expand our list to include even more. If you know of any progressive information resources, organizations or candidates in New Hampshire that we don't have listed here, let us know and we will consider adding links to them through this growing directory.

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Progressive Organizations in New Hampshire

New Hampshire State Democratic Committee

New Hampshire Urban Open Space

Save Our Groundwater

American Friends Service Committee of New Hampshire

New Hampshire Citizens Alliance

New Hampshire Progressive Organizing Project

Seacoast Peace Response

New Hampshire Peace Action

New Hampshire Citizens Alliance for Action

Sierra Club of New Hampshire

Pro-Choice New Hampshire

Democracy for New Hampshire

Planned Parenthood of New Hampshire

Audubon Society of New Hampshire

Granite State Conservation Voters Alliance

Clean Water Action of New Hampshire

New Hampshire Lakes Association

New Hampshire Wildlife Federation

New Hampshire SPACE

Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests

Nature Conservancy of New Hampshire

Secular Humanist Friendship Group of Merrimack Valley

Mainstream News Sources

Concord Monitor

Union Leader

New Hampshire Gazette

New Hampshire Public Radio

New Hampshire Public Television

Progressive Sources of News and Information from New Hampshire

Blog Free or Die

Rainbow Resources of New Hampshire

New Hampshire Independent Media Center

NH Insider

Blue Hampshire

The Liberal Patriot

Messages for a Progressive New Hampshire

The Irregular State of New Hampshire

New Hampshire Progressive Magnet
New Hampshire Progressive Magnet
New Hampshire Tree Hugger Button
New Hampshire Tree Hugger Button
New Hampshire Anti-war Button
New Hampshire Anti-war Button
New Hampshire Liberal Magnet
New Hampshire Liberal Magnet

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