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Missouri is persistently the scene of cultural conflict. From the time of the infamous Missouri Compromise that allowed slavery to spread to the conflict between the Carnahans and John Ashcroft, the forces of progress and right-wing authority have clashed broadly through the state.

Missouri's politics are devastatingly dominated by a collection of wealthy insiders who succeed in shutting the grassroots out of the process most of the time. Remember 2004? Dick Gephardt's bland persona succeeded in Missouri in spite of his accomodations to Republicans because he was skilled at working behind the scenes with social elites. This kind of closed society stymies growth and innovation, and is a heavy burden upon Missourians who don't have the power to gain special access.

Missouri's fundamentalist establishment is best represented by the glittery zoo of Branson, where evangelicals re-create a mythical past when righteousness and racism were not seen as mutually exclusive. I remember visiting the home of one of the powerful owners of Branson entertainment venues, and thinking how odd it was that he had built himself a mansion so unlike the glorified mountain shacks with which he populated his attractions. That's typical of the evangelical elites of Missouri, who are eager to preach about the failings of others, but oddly unable to cast a critical glance in their own direction.

Missouri would be in great trouble if it were not for the progressive grassroots folks who resist the reactionary agenda of the religious Republicans represented by the likes of Minister Ashcroft. The more liberal residents of Missouri have a lot of work to do, but they set about that work with a great deal of energy and determination. While they are certainly underdogs, we know that without their work, Missouri would quickly be taken back to the worst shadows of medieval times.

We put together this directory of progressive Missouri resources to help bring greater notice to the liberals side of the state. Of course, Missouri has a lot of dark corners, and we're sure that we've missed some very good organizations and people along the way. So, if you know of any progressive groups, information resources, or candidates in Missouri that we don't already have listed here, drop us a line and we will consider adding links to them as a part of this growing catalog of Missouri progress.

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