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Think Massachusetts, and one phrase comes quickly to mind: Massachusetts liberal. Well, yes, Massachusetts is more liberal than many other states in the union. Isn't that great?

Some kooks in the far right wing would actually have Americans believe that being a liberal is a bad thing. What they always forget to mention is that liberals stand for liberty. Get it? Liberal = Liberty.

Massachusetts liberals are among the most mature and responsible people there are in the United States of America. Most people don't know that the liberals of Massachusetts have the best marriages in the entire country. That's right. Fewer Massachusetts marriages end in divorce than anywhere else. And what part of the country do you think has the highest rate of divorce? That's right, it's the Southern Bible Belt. While right wing fundamentalists talk and talk and talk about moral values and defending marriage, the liberals of Massachusetts are living their family values, and keeping the best marriages in all America.

We put together this directory of progressive Massachusetts resources to help bring greater notice to the hard working liberals that have always formed the true foundation of Massachusetts politics. We've found a great deal of progressive action in Massachusetts, but we're sure that there's even more to be found. We want to help all the Massachusetts progressives, so, if you know of any progressive groups, information resources, or candidates in Massachusetts that we don't already have listed here, drop us a line and we will happily consider adding links to them as a part of this growing catalog of Massachusetts progress.

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Progressive Organizations in Massachusetts

Massachusetts Democratic Party

Progressive Democrats of America, Mass Chapters

Green-Rainbow Party of Massachusetts

Justice With Peace

Massachusetts Peace Action

Merrimack Valley People for Peace

Pro-Choice Massachusetts

Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts

ACLU of Massachusetts

Mass Equality

Massachusetts Watershed Coalition

Mass Recycle

Sierra Club of Massachusetts

Environmental League of Massachusetts

Silent Spring Institute

Massachusetts Environmental Trust

Massachusetts Climate Action Network

Wastecap of Massachusetts

Alliance for a Healthy Tomorrow

The Alliance for Democracy

Alliance for Community and Environment

Boston Mobilization

Corporate Accountability International

Mainstream News and Information Sources

Boston Globe

Boston Phoenix

Salem News

Worcester Magazine

Worcester Telegram and Gazette

Cape and Islands NPR

Cape Cod Times

Progressive Sources of News and Information from Massachusetts

Bay Windows - New England's Largest Gay and Lesbian Newspaper

Bay State Liberal

Blue Mass Group

Boston Independent Media

Messages for a Progressive Massachusetts

The Irregular State of Massachusetts

Massachusetts for Kucinich bumper sticker
Massachusetts for Kucinich bumper sticker
Massachusetts for Obama bumper sticker
Massachusetts for Obama bumper sticker
Massachusetts Progressive Magnet
Massachusetts Progressive Magnet
Massachusetts Democrat Bumper Sticker
Massachusetts Democrat Bumper Sticker

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