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California has often been like a time machine for the rest of the country: what Californians are doing now, the rest of America will be doing in years to come. This was true for organic food, it was true for alternative energy, and it has been true for fuel efficiency, too.

Will this pattern prove true in the arena of politics? One can only hope so; although California's strong democratic structures often lead to great debate amongst its citizens, the result tends to be a highly practical, highly productive progressivism.

If you are from California and value your state's Progressive tradition continue, don't let the light go out! Inform yourself, support local candidates and grab some messages to spread the word.

If you know of additional candidates, information resources or organizations in California of a progressive political inclination, let us know so we can consider including them here.

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Progressive Organizations in California

Occupy California
Occupy San Francisco
Occupy Oakland
Occupy Los Angeles
Speak Out California
Green Party of California
Los Angeles Greens
Progressive Caucus of California
Courage Campaign
The Asian Pacific American Legal Center
California Bicycle Coalition
California Peace Action
California Public Interest Research Group (CalPIRG)
Chico Peace and Justice Center
Davis Peace Coalition
El Dorado Peace and Justice Community
Equality California
Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center
Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund
Peace Fresno
Resource Center for Nonviolence (Santa Cruz)
Sacramento Area Peace Action
Americans United - Sacramento Chapter
East Bay Atheists
Sacramento Freethought
San Francisco Atheists
Atheists of Silicon Valley
Contra Costa Atheists and Freethinkers
Humanist Association of Los Angeles
Humanist Association of the Greater Sacramento Area
Bay Area Skeptics
Peter Stark - the first openly nontheist member of Congress

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Progressive Sources of News and Information in California

California Greening
Change Links (North Hollywood)
Chico News and Review
East Bay Express
Monterey County Weekly
North Bay Bohemian
California Progress Report
Random Lengths News
San Francisco Bay Guardian
Santa Cruz Indymedia
San Francisco Bay Indymedia

Mainstream News Sources

Bakersfield Californian
Fresno Bee
Los Angeles Times
Modesto Bee
Monterey Herald
Palo Alto Daily News
Sacramento Bee
San Diego Union-Tribune
San Francisco Chronicle
San Francisco Examiner
San Jose Mercury News
Santa Cruz Sentinel

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