Orange Alert Bumper Stickers

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Should you head downtown today? Is it safe to go shopping? Is that parking lot clear? Is that fire hydrant on the corner REALLY a fire hydrant? It's an Orange Alert, people. You could be attacked at any time! Drop that donut: it could be an IED. Remind everybody else about how much they need to be afraid, afraid, afraid! The DHS budget depends on it. Be a patriot: buy a bumper sticker.
United We Sit Around Bumper Sticker
United We Sit Around While Others Die For Us (bumper sticker) [more]

Divided We Stand (Bumper Sticker)
Divided We Stand, Thanks to Bush (bumper sticker) [more]

Osama bin Laden Laughs Bumper Sticker
Osama bin Laden is Laughing at us (bumper sticker) [more]

United We Grandstand Bumper Sticker
Let's be honest, shall we? United we Grandstand. [more]

United We Go Shopping Bumper Sticker
Everything has changed since September 11, like this bumper sticker says: United We Go Shopping! Be Patriotic with your Purse!... [more]

Protect us from the Protect America Act
The Protect America Act reactivates the Total Information Awareness program to spy against Internet activity, casting a broad... [more]

Go Back to Sleep, America Bumper Sticker
Go Back to Sleep...Your Government is in Control [more]

United We Drink Beer Bumper Sticker
Our bumper sticker: United We Stand around drinking beer! Well, come on, it's the truth! Americans do more to drink beer... [more]

United We Forget to Vote bumper sticker
United We Forget to Vote! (bumper sticker) [more]

United We Standardize Bumper Sticker
Hup Two! Three and Three Quarters Inch Dowel Inserted into Type A-504 belt strap assembly! United We Standardize. (bumper... [more]

United We Sit Around Bumper Sticker
United We Sit Around... while others stand in our name (bumper sticker) [more]

United We Eat Cupcakes Bumper Sticker
Be patriotic with your pastry! Don't let the evildoers win! Post your preferences with this bumper sticker: United We Eat... [more]

Orange Alert Inspection Sticker
Sport this sticker to let everyone know that you're approved by the Department of Homeland Security. You're Orange Alert... [more]

United We Cut Healthcare Bumper Sticker
Communicate this essential manner through a stealth bumpersticker: When we wage wars of patriotism, we cut funding for vital... [more]

No one can terrorize a whole nation
"No one can terrorize a whole nation, unless we are all his accomplices." - Edward R. Murrow (bumper sticker) [more]

Anti Corporate Greed Bumper Sticker
Enr*n, Stew*rt, anti-labor W**-Mart: some examples of corporations led by people who look at the world through avarice-tinted... [more]

United We Stand Bumper Sticker
United We Stand... in line for a job! Under George W. Bush, the unemployment rate has gone way, way up. Bush's Republicans... [more]

United We Bomb and Loot Bumper Sticker
United We Bomb and Loot (bumper sticker) [more]

The World Didn't Change 9/11 (sticker)
The World Didn't Change on 9/11/2001: You Did. (bumper sticker) [more]

United We Eat Low-Carb bumper sticker
United We Eat Low-Carb! (bumper sticker) [more]

Orange Alert Bumper Sticker
Orange Alerts have been useful in keeping Ashcroft in the news, putting soldiers on American streets, cancelling protests... [more]

United We Misunderstand Bumper Sticker
United We Misunderstand. (bumper sticker) [more]

United We Bomb Lapel Sticker (48 pk)
United We Bomb. What a Great country we are. No? (48-pack of 3" round lapel stickers from Irregular Times) [more]

Protect Us From the Protect America Act
Since Congress passed the Protect America Act to expand the powers of Alberto Gonzales, it has become clear that what America... [more]

Give Me Liberty or What? (Sticker)
Give Me Liberty or Give Me... Security??? (bumper sticker) [more]

Osama is Laughing (Bumper Sticker)
Osama bin Laden is Laughing at us. (Bumper Sticker) [more]

United We Lash Out Bumper Sticker
United We Lash Out (bumper sticker) [more]

United Lest We Think Flag Sticker
This rectangular bumper sticker mocks the American flag stickers that became the badges of patriotism under Republican rule.... [more]

United We Get Hysterical Sticker (Bumper
United We Get Friggin' Hysterical (bumper sticker) [more]

United We Stand (Earth Bumper Sticker)
United We Stand On Earth (bumper sticker) [more]

Nothing to Fear but Fear Bumper Sticker
Franklin D. Roosevelt had it right when he said, "There is nothing to fear but fear itself." The fear of terrorism... [more]

Rearrange Deck Chairs Bumper Sticker
United We Rearrange Deck Chairs! What?!? You know, like deck chairs on the Titanic. We're not doing the basic work that really... [more]

United We Lose Our Freedom Sticker (Bump
United We Lose Our Freedom (bumper sticker) [more]

One Nation Under Surveillance (sticker)
One Nation, Under Surveillance, With Visible Lack of Liberty and Justice for All. (bumper sticker) [more]

United We Torture (bumper sticker)
United We Torture (bumper sticker) [more]

United We Inappropriately Mistake...
United We Inappropriately Mistake Flags For Reasons (bumper sticker) [more]

We Are Not United Bumper Sticker
Enough, Already! We Are Not United, And Most of Y'All Are Sitting (bumpersticker) [more]

United We Watch Television Bumper Sticke
After September 11, Americans came together around the things they have in common, like television. Show your patriotism... [more]

United We Stand (bumper sticker)
United We Stand -- phrase paired with an Earth Flag for a new meaning altogether (bumper sticker) [more]

United We Play Ultimate (car sticker)
United We Play Ultimate (car bumper sticker) [more]

United We Stand Against War Sticker
This bumper sticker adopts the nationalistic slogan and turns it back into a statement of principled nonviolence. United... [more]

9-11 Change 3" Lapel Stickers (48 pk)
The World Did Not Change on September 11, 2001. You Did. (pack of 48 3 inch diameter round lapel stickers on the mindset... [more]

United We Freak Out Bumper Sticker
United We Freak Out (bumper sticker) [more]

Nothing to Fear Bumpersticker
FDR said it years ago, but it still applies today. The harm terrorism does to America takes place through our own actions,... [more]

United We Sh*t Our Pants Sticker (Bumper
United We Sh*t Our Pants -- we are collectively driven by a copious flow of fear. (bumper sticker) [more]

Fearmongering Bumper Sticker
The only thing we have to fear is Fearmongering (bumper sticker) [more]

United We Freak Out 3" Sticker (48 pk)
United We Stand? No. Come on. It's more like United We Freak Out! (3" Round Lapel Stickers in a 48-pack) [more]

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Well, What is it when you Mix Red and Orange? Burnt Sienna Alert? Blood Orange Alert? Rust Sunset Alert? Dark Carrot Alert?
Orange Alert freakout stick figureOh my, oh me. This color alert... [more]

Faery Orange Alert Haiku
Without terrorists, this orange alert must be caused by the faeries. The middle of the night brings a disembodied voice, warning me that the Transportation Security Administration... [more]

Irregular Movie: Psycho Beatnik Why Is There An Orange Alert?
code orange alert insanity movie videoEvery... [more]

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