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Did you date Wickham? Almost marry Willoughby? Finally find Darcy? Or do you joyfully and unapologetically live that Lydia Bennet lifestyle? Do you imagine a Darcy with dementia? If so, then these are the Jane Austen bumper stickers for you. Whether you gently tease the novels or unabashedly embrace the characters, you'll be letting others on the road know of your taste in classic literature.
Miss Grey Jane Austen Bumper Sticker
Thank goodness for Miss Grey and her fifty thousand pounds! Otherwise I'd be stuck with feckless Willoughby. Ah, relief!... [more]

Lydia Bennet had more fun bumper sticker
Impropriety! Scandal! Yeah, yeah, yeah. The truth is, Lydia Bennet had more fun! Set conventional wisdom on its ear with... [more]

I'd Rather be Reading Jane Austen Car Sticker
This bibliophile bumper sticker reads "I'd rather be reading Jane Austen." (Jane Austen bumpersticker) [more]

My Other Car is a Barouche Bumper Sticker
All right, not really. But in your mind, addled by repeated Jane Austen readings, it might as well be. Wink to other would-be... [more]

Agreeable People Jane Austen Bumper Sticker
"I do not want people to be agreeable, as it saves me the trouble of liking them." -- Jane Austen bumper... [more]

Dated Wickham, Married Darcy bumper sticker
How to express your relationship history? With a bit of Jane Austen, of course! Dated Wickham, Married Darcy. All's well... [more]

Austen Get to the Point bumper sticker
It is a truth universally acknowledged that... blah, blah, blah, get to the point! Had enough with wordy Jane Austen novels?... [more]

JA: Jane Austen Oval Bumper Sticker
This classic and austere JA bumper sticker in the European black and white tradition shows your affection for the novels... [more]

Truth Universally Acknowledged bumper sticker
It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single blah, blah, blah... Make sport of one of the best-known and best-loved... [more]

Senile Darcy Bumper Sticker
What if Jane Austen's Darcy were a bit more demented? He'd say, "My good opinion once lost is lost for... oh, sorry,... [more]

Still Looking for the Blank Shire bumper sticker
Where is this _____Shire Jane Austen writes of? Oh, how I should like to visit the blankshire soon! (Jane Austen bumper sticker) [more]

Almost Married Willoughby Bumper Sticker
Oh, that John Willoughby, what a scamp! Does your life bear a strong resemblance to a Jane Austen novel? Express it with... [more]

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No To Caroline Kennedy and Aristocracy
As a resident of New York State, I feel obliged to state clearly that I oppose the idea of appointing Caroline Kennedy to the opening seat from our state in the United States Senate. Caroline Kennedy... [more]

Simultaneous Reading: Sense and Sensibility, The Ethical Slut
This week has given me a real doozy when it comes to simultaneous reading; I'm working on Sense and Sensibility and The Ethical Slut.

Jane Austen Loving Cat Reads Pride and Prejudice
We're busy checking all systems on here Irregular Times, after our server-transfer experience gone awry. While Irregular Times has been down, of course, we've been busy working on... [more]

Libravox: Spend Nothing on the Ones You Love
Is it really the thought that counts? Then think about spending nothing on the ones you love this holiday season. They'll thank you for it. Librivox... [more]

I Am Marianne Dashwood
I just took the Jane Austen personality test, and I discovered that I am a Marianne Dashwood. I was hoping that I... [more]

What Would a Real High Concept Burger King Look Like?
"New high-concept Burger King near Exit 48 in Portland" reads a headline in my morning newspaper. What... [more]

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