Happy Holidays in the Daily Ilini of 1958

Happy Holidays Through American History

December 20, 2016 Jim Cook 0

“Uttering ‘Happy Holidays’ or keeping Christ out of Christmas this season is nothing to take lightly. When we abandon the true meaning of Christmas to be politically correct to keep the vocal minority happy, we abandon both the foundations of America and of Christianity.” — […]

Donald Trump on Crime: Wild-Eyed and Wrong

Trump on Crime: Wild-Eyed and Wrong (12/8/16)

December 11, 2016 Jim Cook 0

Donald Trump on Crime, Des Moines, Iowa, December 8 2016: “On crime, the murder rate has experienced its largest increase in 45 years. We’re going to support the incredible men and women of law enforcement, and we are going to bring this terrible crime wave […]