Mike Flynn Russian propaganda

Lies About Ties To Russia From Trump And His Aides

February 10, 2017 Peregrin Wood 0

Yesterday it was revealed that, in a possible violation of the law, Michael Flynn met secretly with an agent of the Russian government, Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, weeks before Donald Trump became President. When Flynn was asked about suspicions that such a meeting had taken place, […]

Documerica Potomac Silt Erosion

How The EPA Unclogged The Bloodstream Of America

February 7, 2017 Green Man 0

Today, Donald Trump declared in a speech at the White House, “I will tell you that the EPA, you’re right, I call it, it’s clogged the bloodstream of our country.” The Environmental Protection Agency has clogged the bloodstream of our country?!? No. This is a […]

sean spicer lies again

Sean Spicer Lies To America Again

January 23, 2017 Peregrin Wood 0

Donald Trump and the Republicans in Congress have initiated a widespread program designed to make government less responsive, more bureaucratic, and less responsive to changing needs, purposefully crippling federal government activities that protect Americans from corporate abuse. This program of infrastructure sabotage began with legislation […]