Ivanka Trump's Park Avenue Apartment

Ivanka Trump’s Life, Her Workers’ Lives

February 10, 2017 Jim Cook 0

[News item: the presidential administration of Donald Trump uses the power of the White House to promote the clothing business of presidential daughter Ivanka Trump. Ivanka Trump’s production lines includes 16-hour shifts for low pay, low benefits, cramped dormitories and sequestered wages.] How Ivanka Trump […]

Trump Lifts Sanctions on Russian Successor to the KGB

Trump Lifts Sanctions on Russian Successor to the KGB

February 2, 2017 Jim Cook 0

It took less than 2 weeks with Donald Trump in office as the President of the United States.  The Trump administration has begun to lift sanctions on Russia. Although the Trump administration has asked the U.S. public to forget about it, and although Senate Republicans […]

Mouthy Donald Trump

Sean Spicer Tells Dissenters To Get Out Of Government

January 30, 2017 J. Clifford 0

Today, the country learned that hundreds of foreign service officers, non-partisan career diplomats working at the State Department, are so disturbed by Donald Trump’s travel ban targeting Muslims that they have drafted a Dissent Channel Memo, seen below. The Lawfare Blog refers to this as […]