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Black organic t-shirt against TrumpDonald Trump speaks in a very basic way to get the point across to his audience. It isn’t just that many members of his political base are poorly educated and can’t follow the finer points of a policy discussion. It’s that effective political communication has to be easily memorable.

One of the simple methods for making a political message memorable is the use of rhyme. That’s the device used by this anti-Trump tshirt. It doesn’t try to make a complicated argument about why the presidency of Donald Trump is untenable. It makes a simple call to action that is easy to remember: Dump Trump.

no trump symbolAlong the lines of rhyme is another great communication device. Donald Trump used baseball caps to get a point across. They were ugly hats, poorly constructed, but the Donald Trump used them effectively to deliver his central theme: He was going to make America great again (America for poorly educated heterosexual white men at least).

The anti-Trump movement needs its own quickly recognizable visual symbols. This shirt here shows one contender: A red slash symbol, like what you find on no smoking signs, only underneath the red slash, instead of a lit cigarette, is the name Trump. The idea: Donald Trump and the ideas that he promotes are not welcome here. You get the message right away: Spread the word.

Dwarf planet Dwarf president tshirtWe’ve got an anti-Trump political movement to put together, so we can’t get distracted about side issues, like whether Pluto is a planet or a dwarf planet. On issues such as these, we should agree to disagree.

Point of disagreement: Pluto is a dwarf planet.
Point of agreement: There are a lot of objects out there in the solar system that we all can agree are dwarf planets.
Point of agreement: Donald Trump is the human equivalent of a dwarf planet. As a leader, Donald Trump just doesn’t measure up. He can’t get his material together. He lacks sufficient gravity. He’s in a world of his own. Donald Trump is a dwarf president.