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when Trump gets pregnantDonald Trump has a lot of barbaric ideas about what women ought to do with their lives, and what men can do with them. Trump views women as mere playthings that can be grabbed at and manipulated as objects and then thrown out in the garbage when he’s tired of them. Trump leers at little girls, imagining them as future dates, and brags that he do whatever he wants to any woman, because he’s a celebrity.

Now, Donald Trump says he wants to punish women who have abortions. He thinks that he has the right to sexually assault women, but then comes up with this high-minded preaching about reproductive rights. How about we make this deal: I’ll give up my choice when Donald Trump becomes pregnant.

Donald Trump Is The SwampDonald Trump promised that if he was elected President, he would “drain the swamp”, meaning that he would get rid of all the corruption, lobbyists, and Wall Street insiders currently lurking around in Washington D.C. Instead, Donald Trump has added to the corruption, violating his own ethics rules, making business deals for himself using the power of the Oval Office, hiring lobbyists and Wall Street hedge fund managers to fill up federal government positions. Drain the swamp? Donald Trump is making the swamp wider and deeper. Donald Trump is the swamp.

Red Slash No Trump bumper stickerSince Election Day 2016, whenever Americans get together, they still start the conversation with the seemingly innocuous question, “So, how are you doing?” Now, that question usually brings about a sigh, and a lingering glance, and the discussion goes in the direction of all the problems America has been having since Donald Trump was elected. We’ve all seen it, the Nazi swastikas spray painted in our communities, the hateful violence from gleeful Trump supporters, the economic volatility, and the always looming sense that everything we loved and took for granted about living in the USA is now being destroyed, making us wonder how much longer it’s going to be until we have to make a run for the border just to keep our families safe.

We don’t have the luxury of silence any more. We can’t simply shrug our shoulders and say, “I’m doing all right. How about you?” It’s time for Americans to break through and begin to talk openly and honestly about the corrosion of basic civic life in our country. This Anti-Trump red slash oval bumper sticker can be a tool to start important conversations about what we need to do to resist Donald Trump’s frightening reign of error.