In Middle Of Opioid Crisis, Donald Trump Proposes Cuts To Programs That Fight Opioid Use

Donald Trump in Shadow

America is in the midst of a huge opioid abuse crisis – spawned by pharmaceutical companies that encouraged doctors to prescribe the highly addictive drugs.

So, what is Donald Trump doing about the crisis? He is cutting more than $350 million from the budget of the Office of National Drug Control Policy, the organization that coordinates the federal response to the opioid abuse crisis.

The Trump White House has issued a statement saying that it is merely trying to transfer the responsibilities of the Office of National Drug Control Policy to the Department of Health and Human Services. However, the Trump budget proposal also cuts the budget of the Department of Health and Human Services by tens of billions of dollars.

No matter how you look at it, Donald Trump is cutting funds to deal with the opioid crisis, while the crisis is raging at full strength, and there aren’t enough beds available in drug treatment centers across America to deal with all the people who need help.

Why is Trump ignoring the opioid abuse crisis?

He’s too busy with proposals for the construction of a gigantic wall on the border with Mexico. Donald Trump is asking Americans to pay $21 billion to begin construction this year, with even bigger bills to come in the future… even though when he was campaigning for President, Trump said that Mexico would pay for the wall.

Illegal immigration is down to very low levels already. The USA doesn’t need a border wall.

We need a President who is willing to deal with America’s real problems, like the opioid abuse crisis, rather than getting obsessed with problems that only exist as dark fantasies in his own mind.

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