Trump Sells Out Working Americans For Wealthy Friends

Trump Green Greed

When Donald Trump was running for president, he promised that he would use the power of the White House to help Americans who were struggling economically from the decline in American manufacturing. The reality presented this week by Donald Trump‘s latest federal budget proposal is exactly the opposite.

Donald Trump is all too happy to give massive amounts of federal government welfare to economic elitists such as himself. The most wealthy 0.1% of Americans has received an average tax scheme giveaway from Donald Trump of over $750,000 per year.

Many working Americans are going to pay higher taxes under Donald Trump‘s tax scheme. Those who have lost their jobs because of corrupt corporate practices that close down factories in America and send them overseas will be getting no help from Trump. In fact, Donald Trump proposes cutting funds for the National Dislocated Worker Grants, a program that helps workers whose Jobs have been eliminated by corporate outsourcing, to less than 1/5 the funding that was available under Barack Obama.

What’s more, Donald Trump has proposed cutting the Adult Employment and Training Activities program down to almost half of the size of its current activities. This program helps people who are struggling economically to get job training so that they could work as productive members of society. Donald Trump is seeking to make it an anemic shell of its former self.

Donald Trump is making these cuts to programs for working Americans in order to pay for the big government tax benefits he granted to his wealthy friends.

So much for his campaign promises. His federal budget proposal shows that Donald Trump is no friend of working Americans.

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