Trump Infrastructure Plan Features Holes Big Enough To Drive A Truck Through

Donald Trump ranting

During his 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump promised Americans that if he became President, he would invest in big transportation infrastructure spending, resulting in shining new bridges, and beautiful new roads and rail.

In his first year, Trump didn’t do anything about transportation infrastructure.

Now, after more than a year since his inauguration, Donald Trump is finally releasing a plan of sorts about how to fix America’s transportation infrastructure. There’s just one problem: The plan isn’t connnected to reality.

Trump’s plan is to have $1.5 trillion in transportation infrastructure spending… but to have the federal government, over which he has some authority, only pay 13% of the bill.

Donald Trump says that 87% of the transportation infrastructure spending in his plan will be paid for by state and local governments, and by corporations.

State and local governments don’t have $1.3 trillion in extra money lying around to pay for the huge funding holes in Trump’s plan. Corporations have no interest in spending huge amounts of money to provide free services to the American public.

What’s more, Donald Trump has already moved to bankrupt the U.S. federal government, with massive increases in military spending and huge new tax loopholes for wealthy aristocrats and big corporations. So, no one has any idea where 200 billion dollars will come from to pay even for the insufficient portion of infrastructure spending that Trump has proposed.

Donald Trump says that maybe $200 billion can be taken away from Americans’ health care, or stolen from the Social Security trust fund.

Essentially, Donald Trump’s transportation infrastructure plan is to have no plan at all. It’s a road to nowhere, for a federal budget that’s running on fumes.

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