Jeff Sessions Lies Under Oath, Keeps Job, Fires 46 US Attorneys In Political Purge

Jeff Sessions perjury

Attorney General Jeff Sessions lied under oath during testimony to the United States Senate. He told the Senate he had not met any representatives of the Russian government during 2016, when he worked for Donald Trump as a senior adviser. In fact, Sessions met twice with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak, and kept the meetings secret.

Jeff Sessions committed an act of perjury. Yet, he has refused to resign.

Instead, today, Jeff Sessions fired half of the U.S. Attorneys working at the Department of Justice.

Their offense? Political incorrectness.

Jeff Sessions suspects them of not having sufficient political loyalty to Donald Trump.

At least one of these U.S. Attorneys had been asked to investigate Donald Trump’s connections to Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. Jeff Sessions said he would recuse himself from any investigation into Trump’s collusion with Putin in Russia’s 2016 attacks against the USA.

Firing attorneys who are working on the investigation is not what a recusal looks like.