Trump To Boost Money For Killing, Slash Money For American Communities

military wins communities lose budget chart

Donald Trump is fond of saying that he wants to put “America first”.

Donald Trump’s supporters are fond of shouting “USA! USA! USA!” as if doing so makes the United States a better place.

This week, however, Donald Trump and his Republican allies exhibited their true feelings about the United States of America.

First, the Trump White House released word that it will cut 6 billion dollars from the budget of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, which helps improve living conditions in communities across America.

Then, the Republicans in the House of Representatives announced that it will not only spend hundreds of billions of dollars on preparing for war, but will add on an extra 30 billion dollars in extra spending to ensure that the military is ready to kill lots of people at a moment’s notice. Donald Trump enthusiastically endorsed the plan.

Trump and his followers are abandoning American communities in order to prepare for huge new wars outside of the USA.

How is that putting America first?

military wins communities lose budget chart