Trump Proposes Cutting Tools Of Peace While Expanding The Machinery Of War

Donald Trump clumsy eyes closed

When he was running for President, Donald Trump bragged that he was going to be able to negotiate amazing deals with foreign governments. Then, when he became President, he had a series of disastrous communications with foreign leaders, leading China to threaten war with the United States and hanging up on a telephone call with the leader of Australia.

Now, Trump is compounding the problem by cutting the budget of the State Department, the part of the Executive Branch that specializes in professional, effective diplomacy – the kind that brings about truly good deals. Today, Trump will tell the State Department to prepare lists of staff and programs to eliminate and reduce.

The reason Trump is shrinking the State Department is especially unnerving. Trump wants to take money from the State Department and spend it on the military instead.

The State Department doesn’t just engage in negotiations in the abstract. It works to keep the peace by maintaining communications with foreign governments. So, at the same time that Donald Trump is decreasing the government structures that preserve peace, he’s increasing the Pentagon’s infrastructure to wage war.