Senator Susan Collins Asks Protesters to Target Congressional Colleagues. (A Constituent Responds)

Constituent Explains that she will Protest Maine members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives on the basis of their substantive record.

Senator Susan Collins of Maine has refused multiple requests by thousands of her constituents for a public town hall meetime. In response, learning that she would be interviewed at a radio station in Bangor yesterday, a number of Mainers headed to that radio station to line the path between the door to the station and Senator Collins’ car. The result was a silent protest:

After Senator Susan Collins walked past the silent protest, she challenged the group as she got in her car: “And I’m sure you’ll be doing similar protests for all the other members of the delegation.” A WABI reporter asked a protester what she had to say to that. The answer didn’t make it on the air, but we recorded the exchange; here’s the protester’s response:

“My political activities are based on my principles, my principles of fairness, democracy, adherence to the Constitution, inclusiveness and tolerance. To the extent that my members of Congress do not adhere to those principles, I will protest them. If they adhere to those principles, there is no need to protest.”

To the extent that Senator Collins is attracting the particular attention of protesters in her home state, that attention appears to be due to Senator Collins. This Maine protester lays out a clear and simple path for a Senator who wishes to avoid protesters: she must change her record.