Trump’s Personal Lawyer Met With Ukranian To Discuss Giving Russia Land

Michael Cohen Trump Andril Artemenko

Michael Cohen wants Americans to believe that it was all nothing more than a coincidence.

Cohen is the top lawyer for Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is currently under investigation by several federal intelligence agencies and congressional committees over evidence that he accepted payments from the Russian government while Russian spies on direct orders from dictator Vladimir Putin attacked the United States 2016 presidential election in order to ensure that Trump would win the election.

Cohen, at the beginning of this month, met with Felix Sater and Andril V. Artemenko, and then carried plans from Artemenko to the White House, to the desk of Michael Flynn. Those plans included provisions to give large amounts of Ukranian territory to Russia, and to eliminate U.S. sanctions against Russia.

Michael Flynn was then the head of the National Security Council, but was ousted the next week when it became publicly known that Flynn had been meeting with Russian officials to negotiate the elimination of U.S. sanctions against Russia. Donald Trump knew for many weeks that Flynn has been meeting with Russians to negotiate the elimination of sanctions, while White House officials continued to deny to the public that any such meetings had taken place.

Sater is a business associate of Trump who also has connections to organized crime. Sater worked with the Trump family to negotiate the construction of a Trump hotel in the capital city of Russia.

Artemenko is a prominent member of the pro-Russian Ukranian political party.

Until July last year, Donald Trump’s campaign manager was Paul Manafort. Manafort had worked as a consultant for the pro-Russian Ukranian political party, seeking to eliminate U.S. sanctions against Russia.

Manafort maintained communications with his pro-Russian clients while heading Donald Trump’s campaign.

Multiple aides to Donald Trump, both inside and outside his campaign, were in frequent contact with Russian spies throughout 2016.

Michael Cohen expects Americans to believe that all of these things are unconnected.

Although Cohen told multiple people that he took Artemenko’s plans directly to Michael Flynn’s desk in the White House, he now claims that never happened.

Cohen says that, although his is the top private legal counselor to Donald Trump, it was just a coincidence for him to have a meeting with Artemenko about a plan to eliminate sanctions and give large amounts of land to Russia, and that the meeting had nothing at all to do with the Trump White House.