Half of Republicans Base Support For Trump On A Massacre That Never Happened

There has not been a single terrorist attack in the United States this year.

Despite the fact that the United States is already safe from terrorist attack, Donald Trump is busy promoting the idea that terrorists are “pouring” over the borders of the United States. Despite the fact that terrorists are not attacking the United States, Trump says that we are all in such terrible danger that we need to enact extreme, unconstitutional measures such as the travel ban that targets Muslims.

The results of a new survey suggest that much of the enthusiasm among Republicans for Trump’s is derived from belief in terrorist attacks that never took place. 51 percent of Trump supporters in a survey by Public Policy Polling agreed with the following statement “The Bowling Green massacre shows why we need Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration”.

There never was any massacre in Bowling Green. The small Kentucky city has never ever experienced a terrorist attack. Kellyanne Conway, a top adviser to Donald Trump, has repeatedly claimed that there was a terrorist attack in the city, using the phrase “Bowling Green Massacre”. There is, however, no such event in all of American history as the Bowling Green Massacre. It’s a purely imaginary invention of Kellyanne Conway.

The fact that the Bowling Green Massacre never happened has been widely reported. Yet, it seems that half of the Americans who support Donald Trump are willing to believe anything that he or his advisors tell them is true.

Given that Donald Trump has advocated the creation of torture prisons, the practice of mass execution of prisoners without trial, thorough religious discrimination against non-Christians, and massive new wars, Republicans’ willing to believe whatever their leaders tell them, without evidence, is likely to be a larger threat to the USA than any terrorist could ever hope to be.

Kellyanne Conway Lied