Republican Congressman Mark Gaetz Introduces Bill To Destroy Environmental Protections

Mark Gaetz hazardous pollution

Mark Gaetz, a freshman Republican Congressman representing Pensacola, Florida, introduced H.R. 861 on Friday. The legislation would completely destroy the Environmental Protection Agency, without establishing any reforms or replacing the agency with any alternative.

“This legislation abolishes the EPA effective December 31, 2018,” Gaetz explains. With the elimination of the EPA, there would no longer be anything to stop corporations from dumping toxic chemicals whenever and however they wish.

If passed into law, the legislation being pushed by Gaetz would create a race to the bottom across America, with corrupt state legislatures allowing powerful corporations to have their way, spewing hazardous substances into the water, earth, and air, giving poisoned neighborhoods little power to protect their families.

If Mark Gaetz has his way, America’s rivers and lakes will become stinking sewers saturated with filth and poisons. Our nation’s skies will be choked with deadly smog. The soils of the USA will be contaminated with heavy metals that stunt the mental and physical growth of America’s children.

Is this what the residents of Florida’s 1st congressional district voted for?