Congressman Lamar Smith Shares Conspiracy Theory About Scary NASA Scientists

Congressman Lamar Smith

Just how far has erosion of fundamental concepts of truth progressed under the first 10 of the presidency of Donald Trump?

A sign of the alternative facts to come was provided yesterday by Lamar Smith, a Republican congressman who represents the oil fields of Texas.

Smith stood up on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives and declared that “NASA has given us a good reason to limit the amount of funds the agency gets for climate change.”

What is that good reason he was referring to?

The problem with NASA, Lamar Smith said, is that it is filled with “scientists trying to scare men, women, and small children.”

Lamar Smith doesn’t believe the thermometers that establish the record of climate change.

On the other hand, Lamar Smith believes in a conspiracy of evil scientists who spend their days at work coming up with ways to frighten small children.

Under the ideology of Donald Trump, we are expected to find Lamar Smith’s claim more credible than the data of scientists who have recorded evidence of climate change.

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