12 Republican Senators Vote to Appoint a Plagiarist as Education Secretary

Education Committee Senators Unanimously Approve the Nomination of a Plagiarist to be Secretary of Education

In the news today: Betsy DeVos, Donald Trump’s nominee to be the Secretary of Education for the United States, has been exposed as a plagiarist who copied and pasted others’ words, without attribution, and presented them as her own responses to the questions posed by members of Congress.

Plagiarism, the act of stealing someone else’s words and representing them as your own, is a core violation of the principles of the American public education system.  But then again, Betsy DeVos has never worked for the American public education system, never served the American public education system, and has never even been a student at an American public school or public university. Is it a wonder that her values and ethics stand so far outside the norms of the American public education system?

Despite her record as a plagiarist, 12 Republican U.S. Senators voted today in favor of confirming Betsy Devos as Secretary of Education. They are:

Lamar Alexander

Richard Burr

Bill Cassidy

Susan Collins

Michael Enzi

Orrin Hatch

Johnny Isakson

Lisa Murkowski

Rand Paul

Pat Roberts

Tim Scott

Todd Young

How can they justify their votes?  How can a person who doesn’t care a whit about stealing others’ answers be the leader who is expected to set an example for millions of American students?

In waiting for an answer to these questions, don’t hold your breath. Moral integrity has been one of the first casualties of the Trump administration.