As Border Closes and Religious Ban is Imposed, Republican Senators Tweet Sports

While America Closes Its Borders And Imposes Religious Discrimination, 3 Republican Senators Tweet Sports and Nothing Else

Today, President Donald Trump canceled the spirit of America engraved at the base of our Statue of Liberty, closed the border to all refugees, imposed a slowdown on immigrants for Muslims from 7 nations, added a speed-up on immigration for Christians from those same 7 nations, and prohibited a large number of legal residents of the United States (including doctors and scientists) from entering the U.S. when coming back from trips abroad. Hundreds of legal immigrants to the United States are now being detained or otherwise blocked from travel at U.S. airports, as if they were criminals. For documentation, read this annotated version of Trump’s executive order.  For news on the detentions, read this broad report by the Washington Post.

This afternoon and evening, as the scope of the Trump administration’s exclusion and discrimination became clear, how did 3 Republican Senators respond to this national, constitutional, and moral crisis? By tweeting about sports… and nothing else:

Well, now, that’s not completely fair. See, Republican Senator Rob Portman also let people know he’d be on a popular television show:

… but still, you get the picture.

Senators Thune, Portman and Sullivan, the American people are not with you. We can’t keep quiet.