Xenophobic Anti-Refugee Law Proposed By Republicans in Congress

Criminal Republican Congress

During the first decade of this century, George W. Bush followed a policy of creating violent unrest throughout the Middle East. The Bush Administration explicitly promoted the idea that American military force in the Middle East should aim to create bloody revolutions in countries throughout the region. The largest project in accordance with this policy was the invasion and prolonged occupation of Iraq.

At the time, Congressman Ted Poe supported this cruel foreign policy. Now, Poe has introduced legislation to try to sweep the aftermath of this terrible decision under the rug.

Bush’s policy of regional destabilization was effective in creating destabilization. However, the policy wasn’t successful at was implanting democracy in the place of the national governments that were being deposed. Bush’s invasion of Iraq and other military blunders caused a chain reaction of bloody rebellions across the Middle East.

In Iraq, Bush’s sloppy invasion and brutal occupation led to the radicalization of a new generation of Iraqis, leading directly to the creation of the Islamic State, a vicious insurgency in Iraq and Syria, inspiring terrorist attacks around the world.

Such ruthless revolutionary movements have created, in their battles with the governments of Middle Eastern nations, huge numbers of refugees. Millions upon millions of people fleeing the war that was unleashed by Republicans like George W. Bush and Ted Poe have been seeking refuge in relatively peaceful regions of the world, including the United States.

The existence of these refugees is an embarrassment to Republicans like Ted Poe. The refugees are living reminders of the mistake that they made in following George W. Bush with his unprepared, dishonest, ill-conceived invasion of Iraq. They are walking triggers of cognitive dissonance.

Yesterday, to avoid this cognitive dissonance, Ted Poe introduced H.R. 604, the State Refugee Security Act. In the Senate, Ted Cruz introduced the same legislation.

This legislation, if it becomes law, will allow Republican state governors to kick out refugees from countries that have seen civil wars caused by George W. Bush’s reckless foreign policies. Republican states will be free to choose to refuse to help people in need.

There is no practical need for the State Refugee Security Act. There has been no rash of attacks by refugees in the United States. Refugees are not a significant security threat in any state in the union.

What’s more, under the Obama Administration, all refugees to the United States were put through a rigorous security checks before entering the United States. With the Republicans now in charge of America, security checks won’t be enough. Republican states will be allowed, through the State Refugee Security Act, to discriminate against refugees that offer to vivid a reminder of the consequences of Republicans’ failed wars.

There are many Republican conspiracy theories proposing that refugees could secretly be terrorists. However, there is no actual evidence that this is the case. Refugees are the victims of war, not the people who inflict the violence of war. There is no documentation that refugees are any more violent than other people.

There is no logical justification for the State Refugee Security Act, but its purpose is not logical. H.R. 604 is a performance of political misdirection, distracting American voters from considering the consequences of war, so that future wars, and the profitable increase in military spending that will accompany them, can remain palatable.

Criminal Republican Congress