New Nationwide Protest — The Trump Tax March — Begins to Coalesce

Trump Taxes March: Demand Trump's Taxes, April 15 2017, #TrumpTaxesMarch

In the wake of the latest-ever March on Washington to protest Donald Trump, and after millions more walked home from their own local marches against the Trump presidency, the most common topic of conversation has centered around a question: what next?

It’s not for lack of material: Donald Trump is a promoter of torture, a serial liar, an admitted perpetrator of sexual assault, a racist, a xenophobe, and in general the kind of human being who likes to praise powerful people and kick powerless people in the teeth. He cannot control his temper, and he has his fingers on the nuclear button. That’s just a start.

Thinking strategically, however, one issue seems to be rising to the top: the fact that Donald Trump is the first U.S. President in modern times who has refused to release his tax returns. Tax returns matter because they reveal Donald Trump’s conflicts of interest, his foreign and domestic entanglements. His corruption.

It’s not as though Donald Trump hasn’t promised to release his tax returns; he certainly and repeatedly has, starting with a pledge he made to Irish journalists 981 days ago (See for yourself on Ireland AM). But now Trump’s senior aide says he will never release his tax returns — because, the aide says, people just don’t care.

Trump Taxes March: Demand Trump's Taxes, April 15 2017, #TrumpTaxesMarchYou can show you care, and you can demand that Donald Trump follow presidential form, by helping to organize the next set of national anti-Trump demonstrations. They’re being scheduled by grassroots activists around the country for Saturday, April 15. That’s the day the rest of us have to pay our taxes (Donald Trump has acknowledged not paying a cent in federal income tax for years). On that day, Americans in communities everywhere will get off their duffs and march with this simple message for Donald Trump and his allies in the news media:

Yes, we care about Donald Trump’s taxes.
Yes, we demand that the President do what presidents do and release his tax returns to the public.

The Trump Tax Marches on 4/15/17 aren’t being organized by any national political group, which is why I can’t point you to any central Trump Tax March website. This is a up-from-the-roots kind of idea that’s quickly coming to consensus. The closest I can point you to as central resources are the Twitter hashtag #TrumpTaxesMarch where ideas are being shared and the website, which some people have set up to try to track and link to Trump Tax Marches as they’re organized. But that website isn’t the progenitor; it’s a (good) response to local interest.

In a quick check tonight, I’ve found a few extra nascent Trump Tax Marches being organized in some localities that haven’t yet made their way to to anyone else’s list. As of right now, this is the largest list I know of (although it’s sure to be eclipsed). To help spread the word, here are the local marches I know about. If you see one near you, will you get in touch with the organizers and offer to lend a hand? If you don’t see one near you, could you be the one to get a march started?

Trump Tax Marches as of January 24, 2017
Know of another Trump Tax March? Post a comment below with a link

Nationwide: Washington, DC

Arizona: Phoenix

Arkansas: Little Rock

California: Los Angeles, Oakland

Colorado: Denver

Florida: Fort Lauderdale, Orlando

Georgia: Atlanta

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