Another Day, Yet Another Monumental Lie From Sean Spicer

Compulsive liar Sean Spicer

Trump Administration spokesman Sean Spicer seems incapable of going a single day without telling reporters something that is not only false, but is widely known to be false. These aren’t just subtle lies that Sean Spicer is telling. They’re bold, brash forays into untruth that are so blatant that they seem to be made on purpose.

On Saturday, Spicer told journalists that the Trump inauguration was attended by millions of people. It wasn’t.

On Monday, Spicer told journalists that Donald Trump had to put a freeze on hiring federal employees because there had been a dramatic expansion in the federal workforce under Barack Obama. There has been no such dramatic expansion.

Today, Sean Spicer repeated Donald Trump’s ridiculous claim that the only reason he didn’t win the popular vote was that millions of undocumented immigrants cast illegal ballots. This claim is completely without merit. There is no evidence at all that millions of illegal ballots were cast in the 2016 presidential election. Neither Donald Trump nor Sean Spicer have ever produced any proof for their outlandish assertions that any substantial voter fraud took place.

Yet, Sean Spicer refused to acknowledge that the story was an obvious fraud. Spicer persisted in stammering that a study in 2008 proved that millions of illegal ballots were cast in 2016.

No, this was not an episode of Doctor Who. Yes, Sean Spicer actually said this with a straight face.

Sean Spicer just couldn’t help himself. Once he had started the tangled web of deceit, he seemed compelled to keep on weaving it thicker and thicker. ““I think there have been studies,” Spicer said. “There was one that came out of Pew in 2008 that showed 14 percent of people who have voted were not citizens. There are other studies that were presented to him.”

Actually, Michelle Ye Hee Lee of the Washington Post has documented that the 2008 Pew study cited by the Trump and Spicer does not say what they say it says. Furthermore, the authors of this study have explained that their research was so loosely constructed have no way of knowing whether their sample was representative of the people living in the United States as a whole.

The lawyers for Donald Trump’s own campaign have admitted that Trump’s claims about millions of illegal ballots are completely bogus. ““All available evidence suggests that the 2016 general election was not tainted by fraud or mistake,” they wrote.

Yet, Donald Trump keeps on repeating this lie – as he did this week to a group of congressional leaders, claiming that between three to five million undocumented immigrants voted against him.

It’s been proven false over and over again, by the very people Republican conspiracy theorists cite as references to try to make their contorted case, but Donald Trump and Sean Spicer don’t seem to care. They proudly continue to say things that they know are untrue.

At this point, the credibility of Donald Trump and Sean Spicer are so low that every single statement they make, no matter how banal and apparently uncontroversial, needs to be double checked for accuracy. The Trump Administration appears to consist not merely of liars, but of compulsive liars.