Rep. Mike Coffman Sneaks Away From, Trashes Constituents Who Disagree With Him

Faced with constituents who disagree with him, Mike Coffman hides, runs, then releases a tantrum

On Saturday, January 14, Republican congressman Mike Coffman held an event at which constituents were supposed to be able to talk to their representative and provide feedback.  But Rep. Coffman couldn’t handle the fact that so many of his constituents had a problem with him taking away their health care.

Representative Coffman first reacted by hiding behind a closed door and only letting a few of the many people who were there in to speak with him.  Constituents stuck outside of the meeting, unable to meet with Rep. Coffman, broke out into song, making it clear that if he wouldn’t hear them, they would make themselves heard.

As constituents made it clear they wouldn’t leave and would keep asking to be seen, Mike Coffman decided he would.  So he deployed police to put up crime scene tape, and then he snuck out the back of the meeting space… early.  Watch the episode unfold here:

After he arrived back at his office, away from constituents who disagreed with him, Mike Coffman made his third reaction, deciding to insult those constituents, who included sick members of his district worried about their health insurance. Coffman wrote this way of the constituents who tried to meet with him in the place he specified, at the time he specified:

“Yesterday was unfortunate because partisan activists showed up only to disrupt the event I was holding at Aurora Central Library…. my resolve isn’t the least bit shaken by these antics – the American people want Obamacare repealed and replaced.”

Will insulting constituents become the new norm for Republican members of Congress?  Stay tuned.