Senate Republicans Refuse Full Investigation Into Russian Attack On USA

Richard Burr helps Donald Trump coverup

Last year, Russia attacked the United States.

Russian spies sent under direct orders from dictator Vladimir Putin himself attacked computers of both the Democratic National Committee and the Republican National Committee.

The spies then used the information they stole in these operations to launch a second wave of attacks with the purpose of throwing the presidential election to Donald Trump. They succeeded.

Representatives of Donald Trump, the Russians’ choice for President, are known to have met with agents of the Russian government during the 2016 campaign.

In July, Donald Trump himself requested, in a public comment, that the Russians launch exactly the kind of attack that they did.

Trump has shifted American foreign policy drastically in favor of Russia, giving Vladimir Putin’s government the concessions it has long sought, and heaping lavish praise on Putin himself. For a long time, even after being confronted repeatedly with concrete evidence, Trump refused to blame Russia for the attack.

To anyone who is paying the slightest bit of honest attention, this combination of facts is highly suspicious.

Senator Richard Burr is paying attention, but he isn’t paying honest attention.

Yesterday, Senator Burr announced that he will prevent the Senate Intelligence Committee from launching a full investigation of the Russian attack against the United States and Donald Trump’s relationship to those attacks.

Burr came up with a ridiculous excuse for his obstruction of a full Senate investigation, saying that “We don’t have any authority to go to any campaign and request information that one would need to do an investigation.” This statement is plainly untrue. The committees of the U.S. Senate have as much authority as they are willing to take to launch investigations into matters pertaining to the issues that they oversee, whether there is a political campaign involved or not.

The Senate Intelligence Committee has clear authority to look into intelligence matters, and Russian attacks to manipulate the 2016 presidential election including possible coordination with one of the campaigns in these attacks.

In refusing to investigate this attack against the United States Richard Burr makes himself vulnerable to the accusation that he is putting the interests of the Republican Party above the interests of the United States of America.