FEC: Donald Trump Took in 7,923 Excessive, Prohibited, and Impermissible Contributions

FEC delivers 256-page campaign finance complaint to the presidential campaign of Donald Trump, which has 1 month to respond

This morning, the Federal Election Commission posted a letter dated January 10, 2017 sent to the campaign of President-Elect Donald Trump, documenting 256 pages’ worth of violations of campaign rules by the Trump campaign. A total of 8,653 campaign finance violations are detailed, with the large majority of these — a full 7,923 — being “excessive, prohibited and impermissible contributions.”

Every major presidential campaign commits some inadvertent errors. The number of violations by the Trump campaign, however, exceeds normal levels by a significant amount. A report sent on the same day to the Clinton campaign, by comparison, is one-quarter the size of the report sent to the Trump campaign. Drawing from the reports, violations by the Trump campaign and Clinton campaign can be compared as follows:

#Trump violations #Clinton violations
Apparent Duplicate 48-Hour Notices Filed 1 0
Excessive Contributions from Authorized Committees of Other Federal Candidates 2 0
Contributions from Unregistered Organizations 32 0
Contributions from Possible Prohibited Entities 65 0
Missing 48-Hour Notices 134 4
48-Hour Notices Filed/Contributions Not Disclosed on Schedule A 496 2
Excessive, Prohibited, and Impermissible Contributions 7923 2256
Total violations 8653 2262

In a strict quantitative sense, the Trump campaign was at odds with the law nearly four times as much as the Clinton campaign.  Donald Trump and his representatives have until February 14, 2017 to respond to the FEC complaint.