Trump and Russia: Unsupported Innuendo or Documented Fact? The Answer is Yes.

Donald Trump peers out of the very midst of authoritarian Russia

The allegations have been flying fast and furious over the last twelve hours: that Donald Trump hired hookers to urinate on a bed because Barack Obama once slept there, that Russian intelligence caught it all on tape, and that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin has been blackmailing Donald Trump.

Are these claims about the relationship between Donald Trump and authoritarian Russia documented fact or unsupported innuendo?  A review of the context surrounding these claims leads a reasonable person to believe the latter. Consider:

These are not the hallmarks of a credible document.

On the other hand, there are well-documented truths about the relationship between Donald Trump and Russia:

In sum, it is not necessary to prove the existence of prostitutes in a golden shower over Donald Trump’s bed in order to demonstrate the existence of massive connections between Donald Trump and the authoritarian government of Russia.  Those looking for documented evidence of such ties need not highlight an error-ridden opposition research document.  They can look to the official record instead.

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  1. On the other hand, Jim, intelligence agencies in our government have described the source of this report as credible – though it’s not absolutely certain that the Buzzfeed document and that report are the same thing.

    Americans should suspend judgment…

    … while Congress establishes an independent investigation with powers of subpoena and prosecution.

    If there isn’t a serious, independent investigation into allegations of blackmail of the incoming President by a powerful foreign government, and possible cooperation in a cyberattack against the 2016 presidential election, then Americans can’t have any trust in the new Administration.

    Update: We now do know that the report published by Buzzfeed is in fact the same intelligence report that was the source for the 2-page summary of allegations given to Obama and Trump (though not the source for larger allegations of Russian hacking of the 2016 presidential election). The Guardian writes of the author of the report, “The individual responsible for compiling the reports – a former British MI6 officer called Christopher Steele – is highly regarded among US and UK intelligence circles and was at one point head of MI6’s Russia desk. He was described to the Guardian by a US official as consistently reliable, meticulous and well-informed, with extensive Russian contacts.”

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