The Russian Government Appears To Be Blackmailing Donald Trump

vladimir putin blackmailed donald trump

On December 11, 2016, Peregrin Wood warned that Donald Trump might be blackmailed with the information that the Russian government had gathered about him through its attacks against the United States. “Information obtained through espionage doesn’t have to be made public to be used as a weapon. It can be deployed as blackmail, to control people’s behavior from a distance through the threat that the information will be released unless demands are met,” he wrote. “Is that how the Russians are using the information they have obtained about Donald Trump and the Republican National Committee, or do the Russians simply think that Donald Trump is a useful idiot who they can shove around as they like on the international political stage?”

On December 30, Wood repeated the warning, writing that, “information stolen from the Republicans is still being kept by the Russians, perhaps to use to discredit Donald Trump, or to blackmail him.”

This evening, the Washington Post is reporting that the classified report on the Russian attack against the United States, the attack that Donald Trump himself encouraged, contains information from sources deemed credible by U.S. intelligence agencies, indicating that yes, Russian spies have a kompromat on Donald Trump.

A kompromat is a dossier of embarrassing or threatening information that has been obtained about a targeted person. The purpose of a kompromat is blackmail.

What the American people now have on their hands is what appears to be a program by the Russian dictator, Vladimir Putin, to 1) Install Donald Trump as President of the United States, and then 2) Control President Trump from Moscow through blackmail.

vladimir putin blackmailed donald trumpThe plot thickens as the Washington Post reports that American intelligence agencies have uncovered evidence that Donald Trump had “ongoing” contacts with the government of Russia. Trump insisted that neither he nor his campaign had been communicating with the Russian government.

The report suggests that the Russian government now has information about Donald Trump that, if revealed, could ruin his reputation. Considering the many terrible things we already know about Trump, this blackmail must be truly startling. The Washing Post refers to “compromising material and information on Trump’s personal life and finances”.

Given this revelation, Congress will be under increased pressure to authorize a politically independent investigation of the Russian cyberattack against the 2016 presidential election and Donald Trump’s involvement in the attack.

Americans are asking themselves tonight: What did Trump know, and when did he know it?

Postscript: Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear.

It appears that the compromising information about Donald Trump may have gathered years of evidence of “unorthodox behavior” by Donald Trump for years… including golden showers.

To use old-fashioned language, it behooves us to be exceptionally cautious in evaluating stories like these. The stories of golden showers may be real, they may be fake, or they may be something in between.

What America needs to sort out the wheat from the chaff is a trusted, independent investigation, with prosecutorial power, established by Congress.

What will Congress do tomorrow?