Donald Trump Sells Foreign and Hires Foreign, Then Lies About It

Donald Trump two rules

“My Administration will follow two simple rules: Buy American and hire American!”

This is the promise made by Donald Trump this morning.

Two simple rules. One would think that, even for a mind as undisciplined as Trump’s, it wouldn’t be difficult to stick with just two simple rules.

Sadly, Donald Trump can’t even manage this much.

The lie: Trump buys American.

The truth: Donald Trump’s own businesses don’t buy American. They buy items custom made for Trump in foreign factories in countries like Pakistan, Mexico, Honduras, and China.

The lie: Trump hires American.

The truth: To build Trump Tower in New York City, Donald Trump hired undocumented workers from Poland.

Donald Trump has failed, by his own standard. Trump is weak, dishonest, and inconsistent. The plans for his presidency are almost completely built on lies.

Anyone can check on Trump’s statements, and discover the lies at their foundation, within 120 seconds.

Will Trump supporters make even this small effort, or will they just take whatever Trump shovels out?