Donald Trump Takes Credit For Christmas And Says The UN Is Just A Social Club

Trump delusional tweets

If you compare the mood of the United States of America before the election of Donald Trump and after the election, the change is unmistakable for most people. In a Suffolk University/USA Today poll conducted between December 14 and December 18, only 38 percent of people responded that they feel hopeful about Donald Trump becoming President. In an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll taken between December 12 and December 15, only 23 percent of participants reported feeling satisfied and hopeful about the job Donald Trump is likely to do as President.

Donald Trump doesn’t recognize this reality. Yesterday, he declared proudly that, “The world was gloomy before I won – there was no hope. Now the market is up 10% and Christmas spending is over a trillion dollars!”

There are many delusions packed into this short statement. On the stock market: The impact a sitting president upon the stock market is always unclear, and Donald Trump isn’t even a sitting president. He’s the President Elect. Besides, stocks took a dive immediately after Trump’s election.

On gloom: The performance of financial markets is not an accurate measure of the emotional mood of the country as a whole. The fact that Donald Trump interprets it as such is a disturbing indication of the degree of his immersion in the bubble of elite finance.

On Christmas shopping: Only a megalomaniacal politician would believe that he has the power to cause parents to buy more gifts for their children on the basis of hiss performance at the polls.

For Donald Trump, even this delusion wasn’t enough. He continued to declare on Twitter that, “The United Nations has such great potential but right now it is just a club for people to get together, talk, and have a good time. So sad!”

Of course, it isn’t true at all that the United Nations is just a club for people to get together, talk, and have a good time.

The United Nations does practical work on matters such as conflict resolution, sustainable development, health, scientific research, human rights, archaeology, humanitarian assistance, international law, the dismantling of arsenals of weapons mass destruction, crime prevention, and counter-terrorism.

Recently, the United Nations arranged 7 million euros of aid to children suffering from the war unleashed in Iraq. It helped broker a ceasefire agreement in Somalia. It developed a vaccine to protect people from Ebola. This isn’t just talk, and the people at UN agencies like UNICEF, the WHO, and UNESCO aren’t just having a good time.

Donald Trump did not bother to inform himself about the United Nations before speaking. Those of us who recognize the importance of the concrete work that the United Nations does to help people around the world have the responsibility to speak out against Trump’s apparent plans to defund and dismantle the UN.