Yes, Donald Trump’s Dangerous Promises Should Be Taken Literally

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Right after the election, a smug writer at The Atlantic chided liberals for not understanding that Trump supporters took Trump seriously, but not literally. How could liberals not understand, the writer asked, that no one voting for Donald Trump expected him to literally do the things that he said he would do? There was a secret understanding between Trump and his supporters that liberals were just too dense to understand, the writer said, that totally transcended the outrageous things Trump said he was going to do.

To come back to reality, with one month to go until Inauguration Day, and it’s already obvious that some of Trump’s worst ideas are set to go forward in a very literal fashion.

The Maybe-Trump-Won’t-Be-So-Bad delusion took another hit this week as Trump announced that, yes, he plans to force people in the United States to sign registries declaring their religious identities. Yes, Trumnp said, he will use that information to prohibit people from entering or leaving the United States. It’s obviously unconstitutional as a form of religious discrimination, but Trump promised to discriminate against people according to religion during the campaign, and by gum, that’s what he’s going to do now.

You know my plans,” Trump said to a reporter who asked him if he really is going to go through with his promised plans of massive religious discrimination.

What about Donald Trump’s many comments against women? Surely, people have said reassuringly, Trump wouldn’t use the power of the federal government to discriminate against women.

Think again. Trump is doing just what he suggested he would do. Today, the Trump transition signaled its intention to put women back in their place, not just in America but around the world, by demanding the names of all State Department officials working on programs to prevent discrimination against women – so that Trump can fire them.

No, Trump is not some clever, ironic performance artist. Yes, Trump is really a despicable fascist.

So, America, what are we going to do about it? It’s time for us to get serious and literal in our resistance to the Trumpist advance.


    • “Liberals have to be the most paranoid ____ on earth.”

      You’re missing a noun there, Essell. Could it be that you meant to say “Liberals have to be the most paranoid non-Republicans on earth”?

      Donald Trump has spent most of the last 8 years spreading rumors that Barack Obama is secretly a Muslim Communist spy born in Kenya who will take away everyone’s guns and spread sharia law across the USA. His national security adviser has been spreading Pizzagate conspiracy theories that Hillary Clinton runs a child sex ring out of the basement of a pizza shop in Washington D.C. After he got elected, Trump said that there were millions of people who voted against him illegally, although there is no evidence that any such thing ever took place.

      You’re accusing liberals of being paranoid for worrying about what Donald Trump actually does, and what he himself says that he’s going to do with the power of the presidency?

      That’s a laugh.

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