Trump The Wimp

Donald Trump the yellow wimp

President Barack Obama is holding a press conference this afternoon at 2:00 PM today, at which he is announcing a plan to strike back at Russia in response to Vladimir Putin’s attack against the United States.

While Obama is standing firm against Russia, what is Donald Trump doing? Trump is running away from his responsibilities.

Donald Trump has been so thoroughly dominated by Vladimir Putin that he isn’t able to say a single word of criticism against Russia. Even as Russia has been caught attacking the sovereignty of the United States of America, Trump is so terrified he can’t utter a single word of protest. He can’t even summon the strength to appear on television without a script.

Trump promised America that he would hold a press conference yesterday, but he couldn’t hack it. He choked. He called it off, too afraid to appear in public. He went scurrying away back to send out angry tweets from his iPhone while hiding in the closet in his tacky gilded penthouse.

If Donald Trump is too afraid of journalists to even conduct a single meeting where reporters are allowed to ask him questions, how can he ever summon the courage to take care of business as President of the United States?

A month before he takes office, we can already see how incapable Donald Trump is of holding his own. He couldn’t win the election without Russian help, lost the popular vote, and crumples when Americans ask him questions.

Donald Trump is weak. He has no business sitting in the Oval Office.