This Monday, Join the Day to Save Democracy

Day to Save Democracy December 19

This coming Monday, December 19, members of the Electoral College will formally cast their votes to select the next President of the United States. Some Electors who were chosen to vote for Donald Trump have since concluded that the threat to American democracy from a Trump presidency would be so great that they will change their votes from Trump to another candidate.

This coming Monday, December 19, in the capital city of every state in the USA, Americans will turn out in protests urging Electors to make the decision to cast their votes against Trump. The protests are being organized by a group calling itself Save Democracy.

It is an extremely unusual thing in American politics to have members of the Electoral College decide to switch their votes after Election Day. The fact that this is taking place is a sobering statement on the widespread opinion in the United States that Donald Trump is ethically, intellectually, and experientially unfit to become President of the United States.

With the revelation over the last week that:

1. Vladimir Putin, the dictator of Russia, personally ordered Russian spy agencies to disrupt the American presidential election to Donald Trump
2. Donald Trump used material supplied by Russian spies to discredit Hillary Clinton
3. Trump still insists that Russia’s spies had nothing to do with it all, despite the security briefing he received months ago informing him of the fact
4. Trump has announced a drastic policy reversal to use the resources of the U.S. federal government to promote Russian interests…

…there is reasonable suspicion that Donald Trump has been acting as an agent of a foreign adversary of the United States in violation of the laws of the United States of America.

Republican leaders in Congress are currently blocking an independent, bipartisan investigation of Trump’s connections to Russian spies.

In this context, will you turn out at your state’s capital, to protest on Monday?

Day to Save Democracy December 19