Amazon Continues To Fund Breitbart Fake News Despite Protests

jeff bezos swatika alt-right

Since the Election of Donald Trump, the majority of Americans who disapprove of Trump’s hateful, violent political agenda (yes, the majority of us voted against Trump, even though he won in the Electoral College competition) have been wondering what they can do. Trump has got control of the entire U.S. federal government, with the Congress in Republican control and the Supreme Court soon to go into Republican hands. With all this power arrayed against us, plus Trump’s billion-dollar fortune, what chance does the grassroots have?

As hopeless as things seem, there are small actions that we can take to make a significant difference.

Consider the media networks that supported the election of Donald Trump. They depend upon our money to keep going.

If we band together, we can defund Breitbart.

A small piece of activism you can do today: Spread the word to stop shopping at Amazon until the online retail giant stops funding Breitbart through its advertising budget.

jeff bezos swatika alt-rightHere’s how it works:

Breitbart stays online by offering space on its web site to advertising companies. Corporations can choose which sites they want their advertisements to appear on. Every time their online advertisements appearing on Breitbart get clicked, corporations allocate money to send to Breitbart, enabling the web site to keep producing more content.

The kind of content Breitbart creates is infamous. The company’s former chief, Steve Bannon, who has only recently left to become Donald Trump’s top political strategist in the White House, described Breitbart as a “platform for the Alt-Right”. “Alt-Right” is nothing more than a euphemism for American Nazis. Breitbart advocates for violent nationalist white supremacy, antisemitism, and the subservience of women.

The virulent spread of Nazi hatred in the United States is the tool Breitbart uses to get people to view advertisements, and to fill its bank accounts. Any company that pays to put its advertisements on Breitbart is choosing to support the spread of Nazi ideology.

A grassroots network of freedom-loving Americans calling itself Sleeping Giants is informing companies when their advertisements appear on the Breitbart fake news web site. Many large businesses have withdrawn their advertising budgets from Breitbart, including 3M, BMW, Braun, Canadian Tire, Earthlink, Etsy, Gaiam, GNC, Harry & David, Harvard Business School Online, Hulu, Kellogg’s, L’Occitane, Panasonic, SoFi, U.S. Bank, the Webby Awards, and Welch’s. As of this moment, over 160 companies have pulled funding from Breitbart.

Why won’t Amazon do the same?

After three weeks of requests, why won’t Amazon even respond to the Sleeping Giants campaign?

At this point, the safe assumption is that Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos and his top executives consider American Nazis to be too valuable a target market to give up.

No company should be proud of making a profit that way.

None of us, in the face of this growing Nazi media empire, should remain silent.

Take action today. Spread the word that shopping through Amazon supports Breitbart’s Nazi extremism.