Daily Action: Rally Support for the Reclamation of War Powers Act

Jim Himes antiwar legislation

You know how everyone is worried about what to talk about over the winter holiday vacation, when those weird and ornery relatives who voted for Donald Trump will be coming to the house for days on end? Thank U.S. Representative Jim Himes, from the 4th congressional district of Connecticut, who has given Americans what ought to be a good piece of common ground if the topic of politics should happen to come up.

Yesterday, Congressman Himes introduced H.R. 6437, the Reclamation of War Powers Act. It’s a bill that takes back much of the power to wage war from the President of the United States, requiring an act of war, a specific congressional authorization, or an attack or imminent on the United States before the President can send the U.S. military to fight, or to go to places where fighting can be reasonably expected to take place.

For years, Democrats worried that George W. Bush had open-ended authority to spread war practically wherever he wanted to. For years, Republicans complained that Barack Obama had taken the United States into war in Libya without congressional authorization. The Reclamation of War Powers Act would address both of these longstanding grievances.

With the passage of H.R. 6437, Democrats would be reassured that there would be a check on the aggressive impulsivity of incoming President Donald Trump. Many Republicans secretly share Democrats’ concerns about Trump’s unbalanced personality gaining the power of Commander-In-Chief, but the Reclamation of War Powers Act wouldn’t take power from Republican hands and put it into Democratic hands, because Republicans, not Democrats, control both houses of Congress.

Shouldn’t we all be willing to work together to put some institutional stability in place before Donald Trump takes the Oath of Office? Please, whether you voted pro-Trump or anti-Trump, Take Action: Call your U.S. Representative through the congressional switchboard at (202) 224-3121 to urge cosponsorship and swift passage of of H.R. 6437.