Tom Reed’s Home District Erupts In Outrage As He Joins Trump Transition

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Yesterday, U.S. Representative Tom Reed announced that he is joining the transition team of Donald Trump as a vice chair. Reed, who represents the 23rd congressional district in New York state, had pledged in the autumn to reconsider his support for Donald Trump if evidence ever came out that Trump had engaged in acts of sexual assault. When that evidence emerged, however, Reed didn’t keep his promise, and remained loyal to Trump despite his history of sexual assault.

When residents of the 23rd congressional district heard the news that their own member of Congress was joining Donald Trump’s transition team, their outrage could be heard through the streets… literally. People in the 23rd district are taking to the streets in protest against Tom Reed’s allegiance to Donald Trump.

This afternoon, the next anti-Reed, anti-Trump protest takes place. In Ithaca at 5:30, a youth-led march will go from City Hall to the local offices of Tom Reed.

“We may not be old enough to vote,” the protest leaders say, “but we are going to make our voices heard.”

We Don't Need Tom Reed