After the Election, Before 2017: Summarizing the Real Donald Trump on Twitter

Trump on Twitter since the Election: A Summary

December 31, 2016 Jim Cook 0

The years 2015 and 2016 were filled with predictions by authoritative voices that, right after this event or that event, Donald Trump was sure to drop his odd presentation of self and “pivot” to a more traditional, “presidential” performance. Slowly, over much time, people around […]

Trump Administration corruption

Trump Transition Corruption By The Numbers

December 28, 2016 J. Clifford 0

A new report by Politico details the pay-to-play corruption of Donald Trump’s administration. Trump promised that he would not be beholden to big money donors, but Politico’s analysis shows that an unusually high percentage of people given positions in the upcoming Trump Administration made large […]

Trump Christmas

The Real Meaning of Christmas, According to Donald Trump

December 25, 2016 Peregrin Wood 0

All across the United States, Christians are celebrating Christmas, a holiday that for Republican Christians is an observance that involves rituals of cognitive dissonance. These congitive dissonance rituals include singing songs promising “Peace On Earth” after voting for a candidate who promised to “bomb the […]