How Can A Person Have Voted For Trump But Not Be Racist?

Racist Trump voters

All of the following were well known facts about the presidential campaign of Donald Trump for a long time before Election Day:

Donald Trump started out his career in real estate by systematically refusing to rent apartments to African-Americans.

Donald Trump promised that after becoming President, he would institute policies to force local police departments to harass African-Americans and other ethnic minorities on nothing more than their physical appearance as non-White.

When his followers began physically assaulting African-Americans at his political rallies, Donald Trump said that the victims deserved to be violently attacked, and offered to pay the legal fees of anyone who engaged in more such racist attacks in the future.

Donald Trump declared that no one with any Mexican ancestry could be qualified to sit as a judge over any lawsuit against him.

Donald Trump sent his son to meet with white supremacist leaders, received the endorsement of the KKK, ands refused to disavow David Duke, the former Grand Wizard of the KKK.

Donald Trump chose Steve Bannon, a man who had spent years developing a media networks promoting racist Nazi ideology, to be the top political strategist on his campaign.

Donald Trump instructed his followers to harass voters in predominantly African-American areas of Pennsylvania.

Donald Trump’s campaign was described as “textbook racist” by Speaker of the House Paul Ryan – a Republican who himself ultimately chose to support Trump’s textbook racism.

When a person votes for a political candidate, they are endorsing that political candidate’s agenda. They are choosing to support the application of that agenda through the power of government.

There is no method in any American polling booth for choosing to support some aspects of a political candidate’s agenda, while opposing other parts. A vote for a political candidate is categorical. Voters either lend their support to all of a candidate’s policies or none of them. There is no in between way of voting.

A minority of American voters, but just barely enough to win the Electoral College vote, chose on Election Day to support Donald Trump’s policies and actions – all of them.

These voters chose to approve of all of Donald Trump’s racist policies. They chose to put a plainly racist man with a determined, consistent racist agenda to persecute African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, and other ethnic minorities, in the White House.

Some people have claimed that people who made this pro-racist choice are, somehow, not racist themselves. They claim that it is possible for Americans to vote in favor of giving racists political power that will be used to implement racist policies to not be racists themselves.

This is logically insupportable. It is nonsense to say that people who choose to support racist politicians and policies are not themselves racists.

It’s important to state this plainly: Donald Trump is a racist.

Therefore, all of the people who voted for Donald Trump are racists.

Yes, all of them.