Join an Emergency Community Meeting to Join the Movement to Resist Trump

Resist Trump Meetings 2016

A coalition of nonprofit advocacy organizations, including, MPower Change, the Working Families Party, the Center for Popular Democracy, the Courage Campaign, Iraq Veterans Against War, Friends of the Earth, and CODEPINK is organizing a emergency community meetings across the country to support the grassroots movement to resist the dangerous agenda of Donald Trump.

The meetings have already started, and will continue through the end of next weekend, Sunday December 4. If there isn’t a meeting scheduled in your area, it’s not too late to set one up. Go to the Action Network to find out if there already a meeting planned in your area. If there isn’t, volunteer to host one! Even if you only get 5 to 10 people to show up, that’s a good start to begin a larger organization in your neighborhood, linked to the national movement.