Right Wing Conspiracy Theorists Still Say Obama Will Cancel The 2016 Election

Canceled election

The delusional intensity of this story is so pure that it doesn’t even qualify as “fake news”.

Yesterday, more than two weeks after Election Day, I received an email from an account identifying itself as Jumpstart-Liberty. The email claimed that Barack Obama will cancel the 2016 elections – the ones that happened over two weeks ago.

More specifically, the email warned that President Obama would delay the elections until April, 2017, an that the announcement of the postponement of Election Day would take place on November 6, 2016. The email, in the typical style of right wing conspiracy theories, included a link to a video that the email’s anonymous authors claimed had been banned in the USA.

This email explains to me how America could have elected a man so cruel and psychologically unstable and Donald Trump. Right wing zealots in this country have become so out of touch with reality that they won’t even agree that the past is not the future.

Canceled election