Republican Party Turns Into Haven For Nazis

Sieg Heil GOP Hail Trump

The Republican Party now controls all three branches of the U.S. federal government, but its greatest source of power appears to be coming from outside the government. During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump made it plain that he was seeking the support of extremist white nationalist groups. Since his victory, the size and ferocity of those groups has become plain with a wave of violence and destruction by organizations that draw inspiration from Adolf Hitler himself.

Enjoying the wave of nationalist racism created by the victory of Donald Trump, white supremacist Jordan Myles Evans writes in praise of Adolf Hitler, “National Socialist Germany created a fucking utopia. a 100% Homogeneous White Society the way it should be. Christianity was promoted as the Main Faith of Germany under Hitler. Christian Symbolism like the German Motto, “Gott Mit Uns, God it with us”, and the Germanic Cross in the National German Flag. Christianity was promoted in school and everyday life. Hitler did not persecute churches or anyone who was not doing anything bad.”

In Washington D.C., a Nazi group calling itself the National Policy Institute met last weekend to plan its cooperation with the incoming Trump Administration. The group’s convention reached its climax with a Nazi celebration of the new Fuhrer, Donald Trump, calling out “Hail Trump“, as audience members raised their arms in the Nazi salute.

Just to make the National Policy Institute’s intentions plain, a group of attendees posed for a photograph that was posted to Twitter with the misspelled Nazi phrase used to solicit submission to Hitler, “Seig Heil”. (The proper spelling of this improper phrase is Sieg Heil.)

The Sieg Heil call to white nationalism has been heard across America since Election Day. Even high school students are screaming it out to intimidate Hispanics and African-American students. Swastikas graffiti are appearing scrawled across walls and windows in all 50 states.

This rise of Nazi ideology in America isn’t taking in defiance of the Republican Party. It’s taking place with the agreement and support of the Republican Party.

A few Republican dissidents warned about the link between Donald Trump and American Nazi groups. John Kasich, for example, released the following advertisement repeating the chilling memory of Martin Niemoller about the mistake of waiting until Adolf Hitler came for him.

The Republican Party was warned from about Donald Trump’s shocking similarities to Adolf Hitler, but as these warnings came, they did not suppress support for Donald Trump. On the contrary, as Republican voters grasped the common ground between Donald Trump and the Nazis, their support for Trump surged to new heights.

The Republican Party has created a safe haven for a level of racist nationalism that the USA has not seen in living memory. Though Americans defeated the Nazis in Germany back in World War II, the Republican Party has brought Nazis back with the 2016 presidential election.

Americans of good conscience must now make a difficult choice: To remain silent, and allow the voice of Republican Nazism to continue to grow stronger, or to take a stand and resist the wave of violent right wing nationalism under Donald Trump. There is no middle ground.

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