Mike Pence Announces The Marketplace Will Now Decide Whether You Live Or Die

free market health care

Incoming Vice President Mike Pence announced today that, “Decisions have been made by the president-elect that he wants to focus out of the gate on repealing Obamacare and beginning the process of replacing Obamacare with the kind of free-market solutions that he campaigned on.”

A free market solution? What does that mean?

A free market isn’t free. Mike Pence wasn’t suggesting that, under Donald Trump, medical care will be available at no cost. In fact, the opposite will be true.

In a free market, all the freedom is held by the market. Individuals living within a free market are forced to accept the terms that the market dictates. They have to try to get by with no outside recourse, no social protection, no safety net. If the market doesn’t perceive them as a source of potential profit, people simply aren’t allowed to participate. In a health care marketplace, that means that people who could be healed are allowed to die.

A free market exists without any regulations. Within a free market of health care, there are no legal restrictions on what kind of medical care can be offered. So, by declaring that the Trump Administration will take away Obamacare coverage and replace it with the free market

Donald Trump health careThe Trump plan for America’s health care is to allow insurance companies, pharmaceutical corporations and health care providers to offer their services at prices that are as expensive as they can get away with. The only limit to health care costs, under Donald Trump’s new plan, will be the profit motive.

A free market gives the power to decide who will live and die to cold, calculating institutions run by insurance companies. We might call these institutions death panels, but that’s putting too human a face on the system. Instead, Americans will become subject to Death Algorithms.

Under Trump’s plan, the Death Algorithms of the insurance companies will perform a ruthless diagnosis of the profit that can be derived from from providing medical treatment to a sick patient. If the profitability isn’t high enough to please corporate investors, the patient will not be allowed to obtain treatment.

That’s what the free market “solutions” Donald Trump and Mike Pence propose will look like: A market free to squeeze money out of Americans in their most vulnerable moments.

Is that what you voted for?